kids math factsCan I have multiple children on one account?

No. Each child needs their own account/member name when accessing the program. The program is intelligent and tracking student's accuracy and speed for each problem answered. The program identifies each student uniquely by their member name when accessing their account. If multiple students use one account, the behind the scenes tracking for advancement and mastery will be inaccurate.

kids math drillsCan I turn on/off the game page?

Yes! You have three options for allowing game page access.

    1. Access game page if game coins are available (default option)
    2. Allow game page access on weekends only (all game coins during the week are saved)
    3. Don't show the game page.

    To change your game page setting:

      1. Log In
      2. Main Menu, click on the "Membership Information" button on the bottom of the screen.
      3. Change Game Page setting via pull down menu.
      4. Enter your password then click on the save button.


      You may change the setting as often as you like. Behind the scenes, the game coins earned will be saved.

Students earn ONE game coin after each completed lesson.

timed math drillsHow many problems should my child do daily?

We recommend a student do a minimum of 50 problems a day. You child should be spending at least 10-15 minutes a day on doing their math lesson.

Changing the number of problems per lesson:

  • Log into your student’s TimedMathDrills account
  • Select "Modify Lesson" button on the main menu
  • Select a new number via the "Daily number of problems" pull down menu (button on the bottom/center of the screen)
  • Click on the "Save Lesson " green button to save your new setting

timed math factsCan I create timed quizzes?

Yes! On the main menu (under the start button) you can select the quiz options by indicating the number of problems and minutes. An interactive quiz will be given when you click on the 'Create a Quiz' button.

timed addition quizCan I turn on/off the clock?

Yes! You can set the clock to ON or OFF via the modify lesson page. The default is on.

Changing the clock setting:

  • Log into your student’s TimedMathDrills account
  • Select "Modify Lesson" button on the main menu
  • Select either Yes or No via the "Show Clock During Lesson" pull down menu (bottom of the screen)
  • Click on the "Save Lesson " green button to save your new setting

timed subraction quizCan I print lessons?

Yes! Lessons are printable via the 'Print Lesson' button on the main menu. You can also print lesson with the answer key helping to make correcting easy. Every printed lesson should be correct by an adult.

timed multiplication quizHow is mastery attained?

To develop mastery, the program will look for the student to get grades over 95% and within a certain amount of time. These factors are looked for overtime as students complete each type of problem.. If you feel strongly that your student has mastered a digit you can raise him to the next digit manually.  As soon as you raise your child’s current digit, the program will mark the previous digit as mastered.  The program will set up a review portion of his lesson to digits mastered so he/she will continue to get past digits mastered.  You can manually change your child’s lesson via the “Modify Lesson” button on the main menu.

If you feel the tolerance level for mastery is too high, you can raise your child’s grade level.  The program will have a higher mastery tolerance for younger users.  By increasing his grade level you will lower his mastery tolerance which will allow users to achieve mastery quicker.  You can raise a user’s grade level via the “Membership Information” page which can be accessed from the main menu ‘Membership Info.’ button (bottom of the screen). 

timed division quizWill the program send me feedback on my child's progress?

Yes! The program will send email when your child achieves mastery, completes a quiz or needs additional help. You can also view your student's daily progress via the TimedMathDrills Progess Reports.

Instructions to access progress reports:

  1. Log In
  2. Click on "Progress Report" button (bottom of page)
  3. Click on lessons or quiz button to view results

Our progress reports provide parents/guardians an opportunity to review completed lessons. The reports can be printed for accurate record keeping.