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Online Timed Math Facts Automatically Advancing Around Each Student's Proficiency

The TimedMathDrills progam will be officially closing. Current Members will be able to use the progam until their membership expires.

Learn Math Facts to Mastery

Our program is an “individualized” learning program with the ability to monitor student's progress and advance when mastery of each math fact has been achieved. Students have their progress tracked, saved, and problem areas identified and these findings are reported via email to parents and/or teachers.

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Includes the following subjects and levels of proficiency:

  Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division
Level 1 Adding Single Digit + (0- 20) - establishes mastery digit by digit Subtracting Single Digit + (0- 20) - establishes mastery digit by digit Multiplying Single Digit + (0- 10) - establishes mastery digit by digit Dividing Single Digit + (0- 10) - establishes mastery digit by digit
Level 2 Adding Double digits Subtracting Double digits Multiplying 1 by 2 Dividing 1 into 2 no remainder
Level 3 Adding Triple digits Subtracting Triple digits Multiplying 1 by 3 Dividing 1 into 2 remainder
Level 4 games Lmath lessons Multiplying 2 by 2 Dividing 2 into 2 remainder

6 Reasons Why This Program Works!

  • Mastering Digit by Digit-With timed assignments and a required perfect score on each interactive lesson, we ensure that your children have a complete understanding of a math fact before moving on.
  • Step by Step Advancement-Each assignment is new and slightly more challenging than the previous lesson. Students learn at their own pace.
  • Merges Learning & Fun-Did you know students learn faster and better when their intrinsically motivated. Our built in a game page gets kids excited about doing their math practice.
  • eMail Progress Reports-As child advance parents are instantly emailed. Our progress reports provide parents/guardians an opportunity to review completed lessons.
  • Customizable-Building upon retention, speed and accuracy, parents will love the intuitive interface and the ability to tailor each lesson to a particular child’s needs.
  • Convenient-No more need to have to get in the car and go to a center. TimedMathDrills is available on any computer 24/7.

What other people, are saying about us?

Your child will learn their math facts to master while having fun! No longer do math drills needs to be monotonous and boring."

Maureen from New York

Ever since we started using this website, my daughter has aced every math test and she is now excited about school."

Dan from Florida

Put down your flash cards this is a more accurate and fun way to mastering math facts"

Homeschool Mom

TimedMathDrills is an excellent educational resource for kids to work on foundational math facts skills"

4th grade Teacher

Leveraging a "self-motivated-learning" methodology, our application monitors the student’s progress and only allows systematic advancement. Before your child can move forward, their math drills needs to be completed with speed and accuracy demonstrating mastery of that particular subject matter.